About the Artists

Rodger Casier

Born in 1955 and reared in Santa Barbara, California, Rodger attended local schools and later traveled with his family extensively in Europe. During one of the longer European stays Rodger attended French and Spanish language academies in France and Spain and visited many famous art museums.

Returning to Santa Barbara Rodger graduated from Santa Barbara City College where he became interested in Color and Design and Art History. He later went on to study print-making and Graphic Design at San Jose State University. It was when he was at San Jose State in his early 20s that he began to experience serious psychiatric symptoms. Over the years, he has been diagnosed with both schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder.

He has experienced many crises and changes, spending periods at home and then in residential rehab programs and some times being homeless, or car-camping. He currently lives in a studio apartment adjacent to his parents' house in Summerland, California. He has been following a medication treatment program for a number of years, which has helped to decrease his psychiatric symptoms. As he describes in the film, Crazy Art, he still hears voices, and uses art to help diminish their negative impact on him.

He has worked for many years in experimenting and developing new art techniques for line, form, and texture. He says, "I enjoy working in mixed media with elements of collage, acrylic, chalk pastels with glue, and colored inks."

Since 1983 he has been a member of the Santa Barbara Art Association and has shown several of his works at monthly shows through the years and at Gallery 113 in Santa Barbara.

Three times his work has been selected by NARSAD Artworks, and featured in their selection of holiday cards. NARSAD is the National Association for Research on Schizophrenia And Depression.

A "Self Portrait" has been featured in professional journals several times on the covers. Another work, a collage, was used for the cover of Depression/ Anxiety magazine and also for the cover of the Northern California Psychiatric Society membership directory.

Images of his paintings have been published in other magazines and in a leading college textbook by Dennis Coon, Psychology, A Modular Approach to Mind and Behavior.

In 2005, one of his works was selected as the national poster for Mental Health Awareness Month which featured the theme, "Sunshine from Darkness."

Through all the challenges in his life Rodger says, "I have sustained my desire and ability to create art, to study foreign languages, and to write about my life."